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24 / 7 Polka Schedule:

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24 / 7 Polka Schedule:
Variety Slovenian Polish Midwest OomPah Volksmusik German
All Times Are Eastern Time
Midnight Casual Time Polkas Brian Juntikka Polka Party USA Jake Fortin Mike Wojtila Tom Haslett American New Music Delta Dick
1:00am Bruce Zamorski Gary Kuchenbecker Jayne & Kathy Show Ron Urbanczyk Brian Juntikka Peter J Danielczuk Polka Stars of Tomorrow
2:00am Denny Bucar N. Y. Polka Bob Jeff Heinz Polkatown Cleveland Ernie Daigle Bill Flynn Polka Party USA Jake Fortin
3:00am Ernie Daigle Tish Blazonczyk Greg Drust Denny Bucar A. J. Hite Bob Ziegenbein Casual Time
4:00am Delta Dick Ron Urbanczyk Polka Stars of Tomorrow American New Music Harold Otto Stephanie's Honky Dyno John Baras
5:00am Polka Party USA Jake Fortin Mike Wojtila Casual Time Polkas Brian Juntikka Joe Godina Ken Olowin Gary Kuchenbecker
6:00am Polkatown Cleveland John Baras Harold Otto Bill Flynn Bruce Zamorski Jayne & Kathy Show Ernie Daigle
7:00am Stephanie's Honky Dyno Show Joe Godina American Polka Hour Button Box Tony Petkovsek John Baras Tish Blazonczyk Tom Haslett
8:00am Greg Drust Bruce Zamorski A. J. Hite Peter J Danielczuk Joe Valencic Mike Wojtila American Button Box
9:00am NY Polka Bob Jayne & Kathy Show Ernie Daigle Delta Dick Greg Drust ***John Baras Harold Otto Sunrise Polkas
10:00am Bill Flynn Jeff Heinz *** American New Music Stephanie's Honky Dyno Show Ron Urbanczyk LIVE
Polkatown Cleveland
***Brian Juntikka
11:00am Tish Blazonczyk Polka Party USA Jake Fortin Ron Urbanczyk American Button Box ***Mike Wojtilla LIVE
Casual Time Polkas
Polka Stars of Tomorrow
Noon Gary Kuchenbecker ***Denny Bucar Mike Wojtila Ken Olowin Richie A LIVE
Polka Radio with Tony Petkovsek
***Bruce Zamorski
1:00pm ***Harold Otto Richie A. Peter J Danielczuk Bruce Zamorski Bob Ziegenbein LIVE
Joe Valencic & Tony Petkovsek
Jeff Heinz
2:00pm Joe Godina Tony Petkovsik Tom Haslett Joe Valencic ***American New Music LIVE
Denny Bucar
Stephanie's Honky Dyno Show
3:00pm Ken Olowin Hot American Polkas A. J. Hite Stephanie's Honky Dyno Show Casual Time Polkas Polka Stars of Tomorrow Peter J. Danielczuk Mike Wojtila
4:00pm John Baras NY Polka Bob Bob Ziegenbein ***Greg Drust Bill Flynn ***Joe Godina American New Music
5:00pm American Polka Hour Button Box Brian Juntikka Ken Olowin ***Polka Party USA Jake Fortin *** Gary Kuchenbecker NY Polka Bob*** Richie A
6:00pm Richie A ***Polka Stars of Tomorrow Bruce Zamorski ***The Jayne and Kathy Show Polkatown Cleveland Tom Haslett ***Bill Flynn
7:00pm ***Ron Urbanczyk Buffalo Polkas Stephanie's Honky Dyno Show *** NY Polka Bob ***Richie A Polka Hot Spot Jeff Heinz Bob Ziegenbein ***Kenny Olowin
8:00pm ***Peter J. Danielczuk ***Bob Ziegenbein ***Delta Dick Denny Bucar ***Tish Blazonczyk ***Ernie Daigle ***A. J. HIte
9:00pm ***American Polka Hour New Music Casual Time Polkas*** Gary Kuchenbecker Harold Otto ***American Polka Hour Button Box Ron Urbanczyk Tish Blazonczyk
10:00pm Denny Bucar Tom Haslett California Polkas*** Bill Flynn Polka Stars of Tomorrow NY Polka Bob Greg Drust Polkatown Cleveland
11:00pm Ernie Daigle Kenny Olowin Joe Godina Jeff Heinz Brian Juntikka Richie A Bob Ziegenbein
*** denotes regularly scheduled time of program

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24 / 7 Polka IJ Directory:
Internet Jockey Show Category E-Mail
Richie A
The Polka Hot Spot Show
John Baras
Midwest Polka Show
Eddie Blazonczyk (Bel-Aire Records) Polish
Denny Bucar
Bucar's Polkas
Slovenian &
Polka Memories
Ernie Daigle     Polkarisma
Peter J. Danielczuk
Polka Celebration Polish
Delta Dick
Delta Dick Show
Greg Drust
Polka World
Aaron Dussing Polka Stars of Tomorrow Cleveland-Style
Jacob Fortin Polka Party USA Polish
Bill Flynn
The Bill Flynn Show
Joe Godina
The Polka Spotlight Show
Bernie Goydish
Bruce Zamorski
Today's Polkas & Yesterdays Hits

Tom Haslett
California Polkas
Jeff Heinz
Polka Jamboree Show
A.J. Hite
Slovenian Melodies Slovenian
Brian Juntikka Polkatime America
Gary Kuchenbecker
The Old Lager Polka Show
Midwest OomPah
New York Polka Bob
Ken Olowin
Hot American Polkas
Eddie Ostry
Polkatown Cleveland
Harold Otto Sunrise Polkas
Tony Petkovsek Polka Radio
Stephanie Pietrzak
Stephanie's Honky Dyno Polish, Honky
Walt Procanyn
Bandstand New York City Big Band & Polka
Dennis Svatek Czech Classics Then and Now Variety
Ron Urbanczyk
The Buffalo Polka Connection Polish
Jayne Vadnal
Kathy Debevits
The Jayne and Kathy Show Cleveland-Style

Joe Valencic Polka! Slovenian
Mike Wojtila
Polka Grand
Ray Zalokar
American Polka Hour
New Music Monday
Variety Monday, 9pm
Casual Time Polkas Variety Saturday, 11am
American Polka Hour All Buton Box Friday, 9pm
Bob Ziegenbein
Hallo Deutchland Hallo
German Volksmusik
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